Fully Integrated

Living Source International is a high-end manufacturer of outdoor products specializing in patio furnishings. Our company is headquartered in Shanghai with a principal management team located in California. Our professional quality control team located in China, works closely with our manufacturers in order to meet our customer’s standards. Our fully integrated infrastructure allows us to control each aspect of the production. Our company’s position in the marketplace affords us the ability to produce at widely attainable price points. Our understanding of the manufacturing process enables us to create furniture that is as comfortable, aesthetically pleasing and functional.

What makes us unique?

Living Source International’s Goal is to provide a variety of high quality products at a reasonable price. Our design and marketing departments work closely together in order to examine what designs and specifications are sold by the leading companies in the industry. We make sure that the height, width, depth of our furniture as well as our designs cater to our North American customers.

Olefin is an ideal fabric for outdoor furniture. Unlike many outdoor fabrics,Olefin has UV inhibitors. This fabric is fade resistant and dries quickly. Here, at Living Source International, our goal is to provide good value materials for our customers.

Living Source International offers an ultra-soft cushion technology on every piece of furniture it manufactures. We believe that all home furnishings should be comfortable as well as functional. After thorough market research, we noticed that many customers were dissatisfied with the quality and comfort of cushions that they bought from numerous companies. With the help of our manufacturing and design team, we have developed several lines of outdoor furniture cushions that guarantee comfort and durability. They surpass almost any other products currently on the market. We have made comfort a necessity and not a luxury by keeping our cushions at a reasonable cost.

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